A member of The Royal Photographic Society.
A Victorian Christmas Portrait

From an early age I had a sincere love of 'The Arts', Music, Visual Art, Expressive writing, Poetry and Photography. I wrote, played the piano, the flute, enjoyed photography and collecting artwork. My own life has taken me on many journeys that have been relatively painful and hugely varied in experience. From these I developed a solitary lifestyle and my focus shifted largely to the world and society surrounding me. This led me to an intense interest in philosophies, psychologies and the study of human interactions to mention but a few in a struggle to make sense of  my own perceptions and purpose.

Through my own personal battles and somewhat dysmorphic sense of self image I have strived to realise beauty as a reality in as much as I can as a distraction to my own self sabotage.

I have realised the ways that much media intervention and human conditioning have damaged our senses of what is perceived as beautiful, pretty or attractive by setting a falsely constructed standard of ideals thus leading to dangerous and destructive comparisons and damaged esteems that lead many to emotional problems and feelings of inadequacy.


I strive to connect to something unseen and through photography, capture something that evokes emotion, the very thing that we suppress and that lays compressed behind all that may present to us and surround us.

We often overlook our own inner beauty and value.

These emotions are connected and I hope that my images resonate with all to remind everybody that real beauty speaks to us in soft and kind ways, we do not always hear that little voice.

The Eloquence of Life is presented through my 'Art of Eloquence'.

Live BBC radio interview with Deborah Richards